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How to search online

Using our query form you have different possibilities to search:

If you fill in two or more fields, these will be automatically connected with AND.

Searching an author, you can write the full name, the first or the second name. In case you know only parts of the author's name, you may use the wild card * (e.g. Ju*). All complete words will be found matching the given characters (e.g. Julius, Junghans).

Using the price as criterion of a query you can choose between different ways:

FROM - UP TO - both fields have to be filled in;
FROM - all items will be shown which exceed the price given in the first field; UP TO - all items will be exposed which are below the price given in the second field.

Using the title as criterion you can choose between a full-text query and an exclusive query of the term(s) given. The full-text query will show all the titles which match the given terms, even if they are only part of a complete word. The exclusive query will show all the titles containing the given term as single word.

The results

After searching you will get a page showing in the top-line your query string and the scores, below the list of the scores. By clicking on the shopping cart at the right side of a line you can add this item to your orders. At the top of this page you will see the current state of your orders: the amount of titles and the total amount.

After adding a title into the shopping cart you may return to the query-form to continue searching. As well you can go directly to the shopping cart by clicking on the symbol in the navigation line above.

How to order

In the shopping cart you can decide how many titles you actually want to purchase: Just fill in the number (field on the right side). As well you can delete an order or the complete shopping cart by clicking on the scissors in front of each item.

Your orders will be performed in the moment, when you click on ORDER. After doing this you come to a page, where you fill in your personal data, the adress of delivery and your choice how to pay.

All you have to do now is clicking SUBMIT ORDER and soon you can enjoy your new old book(s).

List of abbriviations

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